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How we played two luxury hotels off against each other






Cliveden & Chewton Glen 

Two of England’s finest luxury hotels. Sisters with very distinct personalities.


Brief  Redefine, reposition and refresh two longstanding hotel brands to retain their strength in a highly competitive market.

Cliveden has a rich and at times scandalous history including lords, ladies and during the famous Profumo affair of the 1960s, ladies of the night. Its finest days as a hotel were also becoming part of its history until a massive restoration was undertaken under new ownership.


There was a requirement to reposition the hotel as inviting rather than stuffy and to hint at the tradition but with a nod to its naughty past. A full brand strategy and guidelines were developed following a programme of research and a relaunch advertising campaign on the theme ‘Restoration of an Icon.’

Chewton Glen has held its place as a leading five star for decades but situated in the New Forest, competition from rivals both in the vicinity and closer to London has increased significantly. The hotel’s offer is wide from the ultra modern Treehouse studios to the classic country house bedrooms along with full spa and leisure facilities.


Reggie London was tasked with bringing brand synergy to this multifaceted enterprise and a programme of experiential research and interviews was undertaken. A clear brand strategy was delivered that gave a new focus to communications both internal and external, along with a complete set of brand guidelines.


The Chewton Glen identity was refreshed and an advertising campaign developed to run in high-end publications such as the FT's How To Spend It.

How do you advertise two distinctly different luxury hotels without resorting to cliché and hyperbole?

Faced with this thorny issue, Reggie London decided to set the two hotels against each other and engage the audience by asking them 'which hotel is better?' A perfect campaign not just for magazines and posters but also for social media:  #siblingrivalry

The Result  

The brand strategies for both properties were very well received and put into action as a guide to all future communications.


The advertisements are used tactically to great effect as the repositioning of the hotels continues.


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